Faith Versus Science

Contemplative Message by William L Bulson

Talking about faith by religious free context nevertheless religion should be inclusive.

William L Bulson used to be living in Tokyo, Japan. Way of his spiritual practice has sensibility of Eastern Philosophy as well as traditional Anglican. Authentic faith in spirituality has brought resonance with full of gratitude.

Several months into the pandemic, I needed some repairs done in my home.  A technician came by to fix what needed fixing.  I greeted him at the door wearing a mask, since that was recommended at that time for interactions with visitors.  The gentleman was not wearing a mask and offered his bare hand for a handshake.  He said he saw that my home was next to the church where I work and knew I was the priest there.  He continued to offer his hand and said, “Faith over fear.”  I squirted my hand with sanitizer, offered a fist to bump, invited him in, and offered him something to drink.

We had a good time talking with each other intermittently, as he worked and I did various things about my home.  He did good work at a fair price.  We parted warmly, and that was that.

I couldn’t stop thinking that the difference this avowed Christian believer and I, an Anglican and priest, had about how to handle our interaction and Covid precautions wasn’t so much political as historical and theological.  “Faith over fear,” he said.  I interpreted—I hope not unfairly—what he said as, “If we believe in God, we don’t have to worry about contracting a potentially lethal virus.”  I couldn’t stop thinking that, if I understood him correctly, this was the opposition of faith VERSUS science rearing its head yet again—this time through a believer opposing faith to precautions that many health care leaders and epidemiologists generally thought were wise and reasonably effective.  At least at that time.  

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