Faith Seeking Understanding – vol.2

Contemplative Message by William L Bulson

Talking about faith by religious free context nevertheless religion should be inclusive.

William L Bulson used to be living in Tokyo, Japan. Way of his spiritual practice has sensibility of Eastern Philosophy as well as traditional Anglican. Authentic faith in spirituality has brought resonance with full of gratitude.

More importantly, I would claim the opposition of faith v science is bad theology.  God/faith are not “over there” in some “spiritual” or “emotional” place while “science” and “fact” are here in the “real world.”   The ordered, comprehensible creation, in my religious tradition, gets its order and comprehensibility from the One who is life-giving order itself, the Logos or Holy Wisdom of God, Who is the Son of God, “through whom all things were made,” as we say every Sunday.  

And human beings were created to comprehend all this in the creation and to participate in the creation’s life-giving order, in some ways as co-creators, as knowledgeable nurturers and keepers of creation.  The same human mind created to comprehend the Logos in the Gospel of St John or the book of Genesis is the same human mind created to encounter the Logos in Petrie dishes and pharmaceutical vats.  It is Holy Wisdom itself—whether acknowledged consciously or not by the technician in the lab—that is at work in producing vaccines, medicines, therapies, etc., through the minds, passion, and labor of those workers.  

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