Faith Seeking Understanding vol.1

Talking about faith by religious free context nevertheless religion should be inclusive.

William L Bulson used to be living in Tokyo, Japan. Way of his spiritual practice has sensibility of Eastern Philosophy as well as traditional Anglican. Authentic faith in spirituality has brought resonance with full of gratitude.

I have heard many others—atheists and flat-earthers, evangelists and physicists—in various contexts assume an either/or opposition of faith v science and have found it to be bad history and, above all, bad theology to oppose those two things.  Bad history, since, for example, what we think of as a modern research university got started in no small measure by The Church in Europe many centuries ago. 

Christianity, in one way or another, has affirmed from the beginning that the universe is ordered and comprehensible.  To dig in to the created order is a means to get fuller knowledge of the good God that created a good creation—wherever that digging leads.  Even in modern times this has been true.  Fr George Lemaitre, a Belgian priest and physicist, came up with the Big Bang Theory and had a devil of a time convincing Albert Einstein he was right.  There is no faith v science opposition, I would argue from history.  I would give more examples if space and time allowed and nuance what I say here.  

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