Spiritual Body Work

$ free trial Oct. - Dec. 2021
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Limiko Yokouchi

Spiritual Body Work


$ free trial Oct. - Dec. 2021

Practice of simple movement is for everyone, and it includes the most basic exercises that anyone can learn for standing, sitting, and walking with alignment of combined by Yoga method and Jikyojutsu. The session will present short set sequences of the practice for multiple levels of ability and experience.
It is a remote session through Zoom to give tips of Yoga wisdom in both intellectual and physical sensibility to you.
About Counselor

Limiko Yokouchi

Limiko encountered for over decades “Jikyo Jutsu self-reliance” (physical exercise aimed at the cure of ancient Japanese illness) under the influence of his mother and became an Instructor to take over her mother’s class about 3 years ago.

“Jikyo Jutsu self-reliance” adjusts the position of the skeleton and internal organs, so it has a good reputation not only for relieving so-called low back pain but also for autonomic nervous system disorders.
The difficulty level of physical exercise is low, and it can be done by sick people, so it would be definitely recommended to those who have some problems.
Also, healthy people can feel refreshed after physical exercise.

While learning “Jikyo Jutsu self-reliance”, she also learned yoga, where she happened to discover a new yoga method, “Bowspring,” and was impressed to become a Bowspring yoga teacher.

“Bowspring” yoga that she came across unexpectedly at the qualification acquisition place of a yoga instructor is a completely new yoga from Denver, USA, which lifts the ribs, opens the body, and moves while maintaining the S-shaped arch that human beings originally have. Then, it strengthens the body, removes fascia adhesions, prepares beautifully, gains health, and opens the mind.

Message for Viewers
Hi everyone,
My name is Limiko,
Raised as the fourth of five brothers in a large family, which was rare at the time, during my childhood I had an active personality, but also liked the time of thinking and creativity, and studied art with the aim of becoming a painter.

Let’s experience the joy inside and outside together!
Let you feel the joy with me together!

What I am introducing in my class is a combination of “Jikyo Jutsu self-reliant gymnastics” for the purpose of curing ancient Japanese diseases and new yoga “Bowspring” yoga from Denver, USA!

“Self-reliant gymnastics” is not so difficult that even the sick can do it, and the gymnastics is light, but it has a good reputation for low back pain and autonomic nervous system disorders.

I encountered “Jikyo Jutsu self-reliance” because of my mother’s influence, and became the instructor, but soon after I started doing physical exercise, I felt that the shape of the abdomen changed and the internal organs were in order. (The visceral ptosis is corrected)

In fact, I attended Bowspring’s founder, Desie, John’s World Tour training in Japan,
and for the first time in my life, I had the experience of opening my heart and awakening by moving my body and opening my rib cage.

At that time, I was naturally keenly aware of the importance of being humble, felt the guidance behind me, and was filled with gratitude.

The realization came on the last day of the training (3rd day), but it was very satisfying and happy, and this experience is the source of the “happiness” I want to deliver in my class.

“Bow spring” yoga is a little tight, but it is done by applying pressure to the fascia and muscles by your own power, so it can be easily prepared from children to elderly people.

Both classes aim for physical and mental health while enjoying the basics!
Let’s make a smile from the inside of the body together!
Feel free to try it.. so contact me !!

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